I like singing, I'm definitely not the best person to do it, but I like it. The problem is that sometimes when I sing to cry (okay, don't cry, but tears), not because the song is emotion or sad, but do not understand for any other reason. It is tense when singing and crying without reason. Aid will be respected, thanks in advance.
\ n ... is a bullet. But I will pay more attention. Is it really just a song? Can it be just "sing a lot"? After that, he caught his strong ax and made the ball very strong. Of course they are strict classical music, so they cry or sing strong enough. Is it very popular when "you sing, I think ... But unless you" if you sing or put your voice more if you talk about that, you really should not do it, you will cry crying If you also talk. But then you may have a big problem. I cried when singing a song that I really combined. As long as I have a negative impact on your song (I will say that in my experience about my experience, it's really positive), don't worry.
\ n You can have tears ... my random eyes Riegan during the day for some clear reasons. I think your eyes can give you the falls for your eyes or something for it, but I'm not sure me. But only when I join him. Because "it's not boring ... That's why: http: //www.becomme-sing-master.com/sing-and-crying.htmlim is probably some good wines, not all all Even the dramatic sinks \ n I have what I have what I have like most people happen to the song. I allow it. My personal observation is the song connected to Somehow my character, come out in this way. I find that emotional pain often leads to an creative manifestation, in music, words or poetry, such as a way out. Singing, the exit is very direct and very direct and I will say almost mainly and somehow confusing. Many people are there, and some I want to show this, free it. The deep voice Rsonal and arising from the inside, and the natural emotions seem to be born. Anyway, they are just my thoughts ... it's a very good question.
\ n really play Develop. No \ "Emo" as in romance chemistry, etc., but wires The original person of the "Emo" of the 80s. All actions are crying and therefore, they are characterized by "emotional". . .. After that, you have to make your favorite song or something for you to emotions. N \ n Register for this topic \ n \ n \ n \ n \ n