c) Describe the movement of water and other materials through biosphere. Explanation: A biological cycle refers to a series of cyclical events. Thanks to this process, the nutrients moving between the habitat and not important. He explained that substances such as carbon, nitrogen and water are conducted between biological and non -biological components of the ecosystem.
The question is due to the bicycle between the atmosphere, the ground and the water of the biosphere. For example, the carbon cycle explains the carbon movement between the atmosphere, organisms, soil and water.
The correct answer is: C. Explanation: Some chemical elements and connections are transferred between the atmosphere and living or biosphere like biochemical cycles. These chemicals and connectivity are brought back to the atmosphere and breathing, decomposing and excreting on the ground. These chemicals are carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and water. Constant. Therefore, it is important that "biochemical cycles refresh these materials" when they move through the sub -system of the earth. Fosforus -*Skefyklit water cycle of the movement of the rock cycle leads to biological, geological and chemical factors through evaporation, condensation and precipitate . The circulation of chemical nutrients such as carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and water, etc. The biological and physical world is called "biochemical cycle" Ttrue more than SGEOCATIC and biochemical cycles. The second catch is 200 and the number marked in the second shooting is 50?