A song by Rock Canadian group Nickelback, released on August 21, 2001, is a song about how they remember "How You Romind Me", while the main single of his third studio album Silver Side (2001) "Golden Mix" has been made for the final personal versions with the heaviest guitar trees, published by the main singer and guitar of the Chad Kroet chorus, wrote the song about The old friend Jodi, whom he had a disturbing relationship. The map when they were played in southern Dakota during their concert in Sturgis, and was often considered its typical song "How You reminded me" when the song was most touched on the radio of the 2000s of the 2000s. Nielsen Soundcan, the song was considered since it was considered his song, published in 2001 in late 2009, more than 12 years became his diagram. "How You Romind Me" is also eligible to be the number one song and the No.
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