If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, I hope that "you feel before you see the new introduction of part 6 of Game of Thrones. Wake up, but come back, read it published when you arrive. Without a face, a group of ancient murderers dominated the art of sophistication: nothing can be monitored for them because they are not everything. In many pieces of the temple.
Arya arrived at the beginning of the 5th season. At the end of the fourth season, the poor Jove N Arya left the dog to die and took the Bravosi piece, which Jaqen H gave him. " Temple in Laguna de Braavo. The room for a child's face for an apprentice because Arya was completely banned. When his squad started like an anonymous man, he may not clean the central floors in the center of the atria with the poisoned pool and then let the body be cleaned. When Arya saw the room for her face. For the first time, it was clear why he was outside the edges. A room expanded to Heaven is almost accurate: full of hundreds of pillars with shelves, the heads of all the dead in Maison and El Blanco and waiting, to use one of the anonymous men.
-EL, "Trailer of part 6, then we see the dead characters" again "and him, like Ned Strong, Catelyn Strong, Robb Strong (Soup) and Joffrey Baratheonon Jon Snow but forgot it for a while, because the host finally changed the game with a horror music and a Tyrion snow. Tyrion "added", and the dead went with him. " Personally, I think the trailer does not really tell the audience that Tyrion and Jon Snow seen the dead in part 6 because a) will be a wild and abnormal sabotage for the host. And Nutter, and B) Hellllo, it is like a metaphor. But what happens if these faces are really in Maison du Noir et Blanc in the sixth season of Game of Thrones? And if you do, how did they bring you? "Maybe the dangerous advisor / fan Jaqen Arya ordered to go through seven kingdoms, collect the head. The family when you see Jaqen's punishment. The school should change dramatically.