Although it is difficult to imagine a non -Taylor Lautner, who shows Jacob Black in Twilight movies, the actor has almost been replaced after the first movie. Although manufacturers have no problem with their actors, they are worried about Laner's size. When Jacob experienced a fairly intensive physical change on the new moon (thanks to the new situation of Loup Garou), Lautner was responsible for experiencing a serious physical change.
131Taylor Lautner | Greg Dohery / Wirmetaylor Lautner has been almost replaced after the first movie "Twilight" of the movie New Moon has given many rumors that Lautner is at risk of being replaced in Saga Twilight by a lead actor and muscles.
But instead of losing paper, Lautner used intensive nutrition and a exercise habit to pack books. Lautner not only works with an individual coach five times a week, but also has to make sure he has eaten every two hours to gain weight. Laner even remembered that he had to use the Hamburg pancake in Ziploc bag to eat between meetings. Kristen Stewart revealed that he knew that Laner was the right person representing Jacob Black, but even if other actors were considered for Jacob Black, Kristen Stewart, who played Bella Swan in the movie Twilight, thought that all The speech was destroyed. In an interview with Collider, she gave an overview of this situation. "I think the controversy is probably bigger than it," Stewart said. We have to make sure he played Jacob will be Jacob on the new moon. He is another person. He became a man. There is an overall. It is not just a physical change. It becomes really cultivated.
red: "Twilight": Taylor Lautner revealed that the Turks gave him a terrible wig. If research and manufacturers may have presented other actors, she always knows that Laner is necessary for challenges. "I mean, I always know that Taylor can do it, but we only have to make sure it is very important," Twilight Star said. "So as soon as it is shown, what is not difficult to do, like another experience to direct it in the studio.
It really became another person. He only developed. Once I I Meet each other. I know that I use it badly in terms of grammar, but he is the funniest person I have spent time. It's wonderful. I am very proud of him. Heavy lost Lautner, to maintain his role? In "the new moon" , but how much does he have to give his role? According to one of the followers of the new Moon, Lautner offered a tip for more than 30 pounds. "The new moon is much more complicated than the sunset," Lautner said in an official progress of cinema. "Bella is in a state of depression when Edward and Jacob are friends who will always be there for her. Jacob has changed in different ways; physics, it is much bigger, larger than 30 pounds." It is clear that Laner is ready to do what is needed to keep his position at the Twilight launch. We are sure that fans cannot imagine movies that don't have him.