Sadie Robertson is not the best dancer in dancing with the stars, but you are not surprised by Sadie's most sophisticated game to win: she has Liam Payne, the South and two floating video game characters The sound of her corner. He seduced Americans "Love for nostalgia, pop culture and video games last night when Sadie Robertson through a free habit in the 8 -bit world of Super Mario Bros.". Mark dressed like a great Schiller Mario, and Sadie became a high -end princess of Super Mario Bros. Her happy dance. Robertson and Ballas even created their freedom habits on the theme of Super Mario Bros.titieted. You can verify it below. Even when Sadie Robertson's feet were a bit careless, the judges still love Mark Ballas in love with creative habits. According to Yahoo! The television was ready to throw gold pieces for the couple, and Carrie Ann Inaba said that her dance from Pilzs deserves DWTS -Hall of Fame. Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas received 40 perfect people for humor. Ballas and Robertson are a combination of murderers. Ballas is great to find the theme dances that are big requirements of the crowd, and this arrest, created habits that attract different lovers, last night "Super Mario Bros. Dinasty of Pato fans. Sadie and Mark also give fans a dance performance last night and score 38 points to repeat the duck doll. Really still win a mirror trophy, but they are not "not" not "not" not "good dancers". Sadie really has enough talent to lift it. As reported above, when the singer of a D Irite model visited his dance model to tell him that he was "a fan". Liam even requires 18.6 million followers of his Twitter to vote for Sadie, which can give the duck -Step -STAR dynasty a great promotion. I almost forgot it. On November 25, 2014, he voted for real_liam_payne). To accuse this tweet, Sadie has an unfair advantage. "S. Tango only achieved more than 33,000 visits. The season with nearly 5 million views. America. He really liked Carlton. Alfonso Ribeo won two perfect points last night, and his freedom was surprising. , and his game was really sexy in the crowd.