The required recovery plans (DRP) are a complete explanation of measures taken before, during and after a disturbing event to lose the available information systems, which is The main goal of which has a minimum time in which a disaster in the information systems takes place, while the continuous plans of the activities take place (BCP) more fully approach to Khoi Khoi. Discharge computer systems with all functions and software connections and complete in many harmful external conditions. At the time in zeit page content1, difference between Drp and BCP explains the main elements of the Drp? The difference between DRP and BCP says that the difference between entertainment plans according to continuous statements and plans in practical use is not clear that different societies sometimes use these terms. Different and sometimes replacing continuous plans (BCP) operating can be avoided and the company's requirements must be determined for the company's continuity.
. Or a missing database, maybe a missing contact line is a flooded building, a fire or an earthquake, to completely disturb the continuous activities of activities, It is true if it is necessary to resume as required in the abbreviation plan (DRP) (DRP). ? The main objective of the recovery plan according to the statement (DRP) is as follows: Prevention (before the disaster): Mirror server for preliminary consumption for important task systems, maintain hot positions, Training to reconstruction later, the staff after reducing the common impact of the disaster for the previous systems and resources, plans, also maximize the ability of an organization to admire. Later the disaster disaster (in the disaster): The process of maintenance of the nuclear, important system and "skeleton" of resources (skeleton "(skeleton") Skelettons "(skeleton" (set Bone "(skeleton" (skeleton "(skeleton (skeleton" (skeleton "(skeleton" (skeleton "(skeleton" ons ". ) and / or introduce hot high schools during continuous measurement in case the disaster avoids the entire agency by maintaining essential systems and restoring resources (Agriculture after a part ): Essential steps To restore all systems and resources for integrated and normal organizations of the company may lack fixed time). What are the main factors of the Drp? The main goal of the following plan (DRP) is to survive the disaster and continue with the normal business