According to the CEO of Hyundai America, John Krafcik, in 2011, in fact, it was actually approved as the highest sales of the solar calendar of the Genesis Coupé at a speed of the century, Mark Krafcik was occupied one one. Nets without dramatic; If he did it in the coup of Genesis Pre-ReFresh, he would send the whole car, who smiled at the approval, then returned his attention to his BlackBerry and arrested Defeat a series of other messages for Genesis Coupé's suspension engineers: The moment may have asked. To recover, let's take a look at Genesis's Fascia when he debuted in the Detroit program in January, and now we can confirm our doubt that the hood is a suggestion. completely new and expensive for a simple.
The lacquer color is not perfect for forty examples that we check, and Genesis looks better from the light years and more in the photos, but the message is really a pair of engine considered significant reviews. , the love of the letter under this new gearbox: the four -ly aluminum cylinder currently reads a turbocharger with two scenes and 53%polarity. 64 HP and 52 lb -Ffy are manufactured in the motor of the new turbo roll and the motor goes. The dual synchronization of the valve with continuous changes, maximum torque reaches 2000 rpm and the car is thrown with minimum changes of stainless steel integrated stainless steel and turbo construction, heavier and heavier and heavier and heavier and heavier and heavier and heavier Solving the most effective heat to improve efficiency and exhaust gas is currently controlled to prepare pulse more accurately and high fuel efficiency for average and high load under hard load. Escape emits a lightweight singer, increases outside with acceleration, car, sound even stronger and must be music with the ears of the remaining members of the Rapid and Rapid Club. Furious -6 with strong and silent injections with 348 horsepower in the barrel. Genesis V-6 has completed a number of cups in the classroom, Infiniti G37 is 330 hours and BMW 335i of 300 HP, its 295 lb-pi pair is located on the top of 270 of G37 and leaves a little 5 lb -Pi to 335i to 335i , the most direct contest surpassed Nissan 370Z and Ford Mustang, twice returning to the cost lower than the Genesis V-6, but also provided. The 412 HP of its V-8AT is up to 50 liters in the inactive, Genesis V-6 is still gentle and regular and the diet often increases with a coup, although its maximum torque No 5,300 million / minute, the engine is from 2000 U / minute in most devices on the road, 2000 rpm on March six, Genesis promotes a designed floor on the board and gas notes Waste is relatively mature when the engine speed increases capacity, but the capacity is, but the busy and bustling sound of the sweet sound below, however, the acceleration is very simple. Find an acceptable melody in the chamber as slow as a difficult part. This process is clearly limited by the engine's direct injection notes, which V-6 has used, quiet cabin for 20t and 149 for 38 to 146 miles per hour Hyundai said that the number of kilometers is the same because the available fuel transmission is not as easy as the decoration and decision of a guide or automatic, 20T and 38 gene models R -MSPEC N go Accompanied with this six speed -SIX -The mandbook speed; 38 Grand Touring and 20T rewards are only available with new automatic speed available. And the 20T and 38 monitoring models can be equipped with one or another gearbox, eight-speed automatic (seven and eight fierce gears) is the first octo cog in the R-Spec class and models according to Monitor limits for available instructions with Hyundai's instructions, including a less brighter part of the full -speed automatic mode, clicks on the light accelerator more discreetly. Using a speed pedal with a bit of enthusiasm and equipment when it is a manual mode depending on your own agenda through the color palettes mounted on the steering wheel, the mode has been delayed and to leave it. For us without inspiration. There is no doubt, it is a competent team, but there is no soul and the last subtlety can encourage it to change the gear lever. It is less excellent to solve Hyundai. The diversity of the amendments that the shocks change and the general feel is reduced, especially by reducing the change and efforts of clutches, recording the most advancement of the clutch pedal and switching to connectivity " Bolts "should be improved. Gear leverage is much better than a "bar", it still does not have an intuitive nature, Snick -Snick device, regardless of the engine's choice, at least some buyers, as Krafcik said , from 25 to 30% of the Genesis - Models sold with Sticks sources, recent absorption and shock captures have been calibrated with less body rollers to have a better feeling about the street, Control and comfort. A multiple management configuration returned on the butter roads in southern Nevada, the overview of the suspension seems to be a success without being limited, even when they drive with 40 and 19 inch rubber. We have to wait until we drive one in the oxide strap to see how to handle hydraulic driving battery and sensitivity to the engine speed, 138: 1 ratio, seven percent faster than the turn of the turn. Initially progress and predictable, predictable, predictable, and its accuracy allows the safety position in the corners and accurately controlled in traffic on the road. He felt tight, but not uncomfortable. Dashpad with low tacas and central memory knife shows that MPG immediately, oil and tissue temperatures are available (model 38) or increase in (20T model). The transparent seat drivers during the selection of positions show many legs, hips and shoulders, but those who get acquainted more than six feet with the title will get used to the head.